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Are you searching for a suitable Pool Table Movers Melbourne service provider to help relocate the pool table? In case the answer is yes, then you should end your search at Western Removals. We provide seriously good pool table moving solutions and boast of a stupendous track record. Whether you are homeowner or a businessman, Pool Table Movers Melbourne specialists working at Western Removals will ensure the pool table reaches the new location on time and without even the slightest damage or faintest scratch.

Pool Table Movers Melbourne Providing Full Range of Solutions

You will be pleased to know that our removal team has successfully moved over a few thousand pool tables. We have handled pool tables of different brands, and there’s hardly a pool table brand that we have not handled before. Pool tables are quite heavy, usually weighing approximately 1000 kilos. Naturally, a lot of force and power is required to life them, but that’s not the only thing that’s needed. Required in good proportion is experience and expertise. It is impossible to carry out pool table removal unless you are not an expert in not only dismantling but also reassembling it.

Special equipment also plays an important role in removal of pool tables, more so when you are moving it out of or inside a high-rise apartment. Because Western Removals has all these things, it is well suited to carry out pool table removal in a swift and brisk manner. Another key advantage you get when you hire Pool Table Movers Melbourne staff members of our team is customized pool table removal solution. It is no secret that two different removal jobs require different levels of expertise, manpower, and special equipment, it is impossible to have an effective one-size-fits-all solution.

Naturally enough then, our Pool Table Movers Melbourne offers a solution that’s perfect for you.

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    Pool Table Removals Melbourne Experts Search Made Easy

    Are pool tables removals an easy job? This is one question that many people ask us. Well, the answer is no. A standard pool table weighs as much as 1000 kilos or thereabout. Moving a heavy item like it cannot be easy. With that said, it would be as wrong to say that pool table removals Melbourne are all about brute force as it would be to say that they are easy and simple. Yes, it’s true that a lot of manpower is needed to for loading and unloading a pool table, but it is equally true that the job also requires lots of technical knowledge. Because with the right kind of expertise and technical knowledge, it is impossible to dismantle your pool table and assemble it once again. Moreover, you need this knowledge along with hands-on experience for not one pool table but many. This is because different customers have different brands of pool tables. The dismantling procedure of one might not—and usually does not—work for another. All this said and done, you don’t have to worry about a single thing when you have our pool table removals Melbourne specialists working for you. They are powerfully built and can do heavy lifting. In addition, they possess the technical know-how to expertly handle different types of pool tables. We also have access to the latest equipment and tools that are commonly used for pool table removals. Moreover, our removal vehicles are of premium quality and come fitted with all the latest features. This helps us ensure the pool table suffers no damage whatsoever while we are moving it to its new location. Top-quality removal vehicles, which we have in plenty, prove really handy in interstate removals, and that’s hardly surprising because such removals involve greater distance.

    Why You Should Make Western Pool Table Movers Melbourne Your Go-To Removalists?

    There are innumerable Pool Table Movers Melbourne providers in Melbourne—but we are a few notches above most. In this section, we give you a clear idea of what we bring to the table.

    • Customized solutions – It’s a wrong belief that all pool table relocation needs are similar—because that’s hardly the case. For example, removal a pool table from 16th floor apartment is hardly the same as relocating a pool table located in a detached home. Because of this, we offer Pool Table Movers Melbourne solution that’s right for you.
    • Fixed rate – Maintaining transparency in pricing and staying true to the amount quoted in the beginning are two things we take very seriously. Because of these two reasons, we provide accurate price quotes when you call us with a pool table relocation requirement and always work on a fixed-rate basis.
    • Always ready to serve you – Western Pool Table Movers Melbourne team work every day of the week, come hail, storm, rain, or holiday.
    • High-quality tools – Not only Western Pool Table Movers staff members of Western Removals are some distance ahead of others in terms of experience, our tools and equipment too is the best.

    Pool Table Movers Melbourne Team That Has Your Best Interest in Mind

    What first comes to your mind when you think about moving a pool table? That this task will require lots of leg-work from you, right? Or perhaps that it means lots of added tension and stress? Or perhaps that it means spending huge amounts of cash? Well, guess what, you couldn’t be more wrong if you partner with a reputable Pool Table Movers Melbourne team, like us. We’ve truckloads of experience of, and unmatched expertise in, relocating pool tables. For a care-free pool table removal, all you have to do is pick up your phone and call our Pool Table Movers Melbourne team; no leg-work is required from you. So that much for your first worry! Our Pool Table Removalists Melbourne team has moved thousands of pool tables over the year. So we know how to safely, expertly, and timely relocate pool tables. In short, your second worry is also unfounded. Coming to the third worry, and often the biggest sore point for many, of spending loads of money on pool table removal, we assure you that it’s not true. Our Pool Table Removals Melbourne specialists will deliver an effective yet cheap solution.

    Pool Table Movers Melbourne Moving Process Is the Best

    Do you want to know how we manage to succeed where others fail to deliver? The answer is in the moving process followed by our Pool Table Movers Melbourne.

    • Quote – This is the step which every Pool Table Movers Melbourne teams follow—and we are no different in that sense. However, unlike many, you get a fixed rate quote from us. Additionally, out quote is highly accurate, too.
    • Relocation date – It’s up to you to pick the relocation date, but you’ll need to ensure you make a booking in advance with us because our Pool Table Movers Melbourne staff members are always in great demand.
    • Packing & Delivery – You don’t have to be tensed about packing or loading up of the pool table. Pool Table Movers Melbourne specialists who’ll come to your location will take extremely good care of everything, leaving you free for other important tasks.
    • After-delivery follow-up – Our job doesn’t end upon unloading; instead you’ll hear from us soon after it. We make this call to ascertain the pool table was moved as efficiently as promised. We’ll also encourage to leave us feedback.
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