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Did you know that piano moving is a specialist’s job? Yes, that’s true. It’s not something that everyone can do. Precisely for this reason, Western piano movers Melbourne professionals are in huge demand. They have the experience and the expertise to complete all kinds of piano moving jobs, included interstate piano movers requests, with panache. You can trust our piano movers Melbourne team to take good care of your piano and transfer it to your new home or business location without even a single scratch. We assure you that your much-loved piano will reach the new location safe and sound. Each member of our piano movers Melbourne team has undergone rigorous training, because we believe in completing each piano moving job successfully without any mistakes.

Piano Movers Melbourne You Can Trust


Pianos are unique because they are both delicate and heavy. Moreover, its shape can also be at times really odd to handle. However, nothing ever baffles the piano movers Melbourne experts working at Western Removals. They have seen it all and handled it all in piano moving experience. If you have a piano moving need, we have the right solution waiting for you—yes, it’s as simple as that. We have trained our piano movers Melbourne team to handle all types of pianos. They are as proficient in moving an upright piano as they are in completing grand piano movers job successfully. You don’t have to worry even when stairs are involved. Piano movers Melbourne working with Western Removals are highly adept in managing stairs while moving a piano down or up the stairs. Additionally, whenever required, we use specialized equipment so that everything goes smoothly. We will take all necessary precautions while moving your piano.

Careful planning, we believe, is the secret to moving a piano successfully, and nobody plans piano moving jobs better than us.

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    Piano Removals in Melbourne Are Now Easy

    Did you know that a normal piano can weigh as much as 400 kilos and has as many as 4500 moving parts? And some piano can weigh over 550 kilos and have more than 9000 moving parts. No wonder, moving a piano is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need piano movers Melbourne experts. Where you can find them? Well, there’s no better place than Western Removals. Here are a few qualities that have made piano movers Melbourne experts at Western Removals the best in the business.

    • Free consultation – Are you looking for piano movers Melbourne professionals but are not sure which team is the best? We encourage you to call us and speak to our experts over phone. Our experts will show you what we can offer you and why we are the neumro uno piano movers Melbourne We will also give you a free price quote.
    • Expert packing before the move – We have on our team the best piano packers in the business. We use strong and tenacious packing materials to expertly pack your piano to ensure it incurs no damage during the move.
    • Offer specialist equipment, including crane hire – Moving a piano is not all about muscle power. At times you require special equipment, even a crane. We have all the things that might be needed during piano removal.
    • No special fee for heavy lifting – Some piano movers Melbourne teams charge extra for heavy lifting—but not we. You can trust us to be always true to our initial quote. We will not charge any special fee for heavy lifting or for moving a piano up the stairs.
    • Affordable rates – When you hire us, you get to enjoy premium quality at reasonable price.

    Reasons why we you should choose Western piano removals

    Many people trust us for their piano removalists Melbourne needs—and we think you should too! Here are some benefits when you pick us as your favorite piano removalists Melbourne provider. When you pick a moving date, we inform you how much time it would take our team to move your piano to the new place. We always try to move the piano as quickly as possible. Our team is available for hire on all days of the year. Whether you want to move your piano on a holiday or on a weekend, you can count on our piano removalists Melbourne team to be ready to lend you a professional helping hand. In the beginning you’ll be given a price quote. We work at a fixed rate and the price we mention you at the beginning is what we will ask you to pay, even if your piano removal job takes more time than expected. As you might know, piano is a heavy item. Removing it is not the job of a single person. We always send 2 or more people to move a piano. This ensures that the piano is handled correctly and efficiently.

    Western Removal’s piano removals Moving Process

    What makes Western piano removal solutions so special is the well-structured, step-by-step process our piano movers Melbourne team follows. The initial step is the ‘enquiry’ step, in which you call us to talk us about your piano removal needs. Next, our piano movers Melbourne team will study your case and quote you a price. In case you accept the price quote, you’ll be then asked to make a booking with us and pick a date for moving the piano. On the finalized date, you can expect our team to come to your house on time and start packing the piano. If needed, our team will use specialized equipment to load your piano in a removal van or truck, whichever is more suitable for the job. After loading the piano, our piano movers Melbourne team leader will give you a receipt to sign. Next, our delivery van or truck will move toward your new location. Upon reaching it, our piano movers Melbourne specialists will unload it. A day or two after the delivery and unloading, you can expect a call from our customer service team. This call is made to enquire about your experience, to make sure things went as planned, to submit a formal request to you for a feedback.

    You have 4 Good Reasons to Trust us With Piano Removal

    • Experienced professionals – Removing a piano is a complicated and tough job, partly because piano is quite heavy and partially because it is a very delicate item. A small accident can cause irreparable damage to your piano. We take all necessary steps to safeguard your piano, starting from trusting your piano removal with only highly skilled piano movers Melbourne
    • All kinds of Piano removal services under one roof – Our motto is simple: if you have a piano removal job, we have the right solution waiting for you. We are grand piano movers par excellence but are equally good at moving an upright piano. At the same time, you’ll not find better interstate piano movers than our piano movers Melbourne
    • Top-class piano packing service – If you want, our piano movers Melbourne professionals will use eco-friendly material to pack your piano. At the very least, you can expect our piano movers Melbourne to do a superb job at packing your piano.
    • Piano removal at competitive price – Our quality is second to none and our prices are best in the industry.
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